Flu again here. I’m taking February off. Hopefully things calm down by March.


Wal-Mart & Ibotta

Y’all! I finally did a not so extreme couponing shopping trip that was successful. If you decide you want to do this deal, you have until tomorrow around noon.

Well, sorta.

I didn’t exactly use coupons, I used Ibotta, which is a cash back app.

I managed to get five bottles of Ajax dishwashing liquid, one Yoplait yogurt, one coffee shot, and one bottle of Wishbone dressing for $.37! Yes, you read that correctly. Only $.37! Here’s how…

On the Ibotta app, I purchased products that matched the offers you see in the picture below. I bought one of everything except the dishwashing liquid, I bought five of those.

Shopping Trip Purchases
Forto Coffee Shot $1.98
YQ by Yoplait yogurt $1.34
Ajax X5 $.97 each
Wishbone Dressing $1.97
Total $10.19

Ibotta Rebates Redeemed
Forto Coffee Shot $1.98
YQ by Yoplait yogurt $1.34
Ajax X5 $.50 each
Wishbone Dressing $1.00
Feb Bonus $3.00
Total $9.82

Total after Ibotta Rebates
$10.19 – $9.82 = $.37

Y’all excuse my math and memory skills. They’re both so bad! Totals posted in the blog are correct, I think. Either way, it was either $.34 or $.37. It could have been less had I submitted for the $.50 any receipt rebate, but I forgot it. Opps.

If you’d like to see more of my videos you can go HERE!

Day 43 of 2019

I’m pretty sad that I messed up my daily posting so horribly. I’m not even really ready to get back at this, but here I am. I should be sleeping right now. Even though I no longer have the flu, I still feel it it seems like.

Budget Cutting Meals


Dinner was pretty yummy. I had planned to make chicken fajitas, but I didn’t feel like slicing the chicken. Instead, I put it onto the pan whole with the peppers and onions.

The total cost was justa tiny bit over $5, which seems kind of high to me compared to most of our other meals, but it’s one of my favorites. I don’t like spending so much on bell peppers, but I don’t always find them marked down.

Chicken Fajita Thighs

Chicken $2.32

Bell Peppers x2 $1.78

Yellow Onion $.30

Red Onion $.30

Seasoning Packet x2 FREE w/coupon

Baked potatos x3 $.30

Sliced Cheese $.20

Total $5.20!

Saving Money

Although I’m not exactly thrilled about having to formula feed, mostly because I’d prefer to breastfeed but also because of cost, I was pretty pleased to get a can for $2.49 today. Thanks to a lovely formula check from samples I signed up for, I was able to save $15 off of one can!

I also managed to get about 15 jars of baby food, 3 canisters of wheat baby cereal, and 4 travel packets of baby formula for free from local mom groups today. If you haven’t looked in your area on Facebook, you should.

Search for mom groups, free groups, and buy nothing groups. Hopefully there is at least one in your area. And if not, make one!

Chores, Chores, Chores


I think I’ve said this before, but just in case, I hate cleaning. If I could splurge on any one thing, it would be someone to do all the cleaning in my home, including the daily stuff like picking up.

Sadly, the cost of someone to do that just isn’t in our budget. Maybe if I ever win the lottery…

Not likely, so, a chore chart it is.

In an effort to get my teen to help out around the house, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, I’ve created these pretty chore charts to follow.

Recently, we’ve been preaching about family and trying to be more aware of thing we can do to help out our family team. As a family rule, everyone (including the four year old), has to complete one thing that helps out the family. Now that everyone is starting to feel better, I’m hoping we can get back into a groove with this.

I’ll let you know how this works out.

Upcycling Formula Containers

Not exactly a budget update, but I wanted to share something I’m kind of excited about. Since we had to start using formula with our youngest for an undetermined, temporary amount of time, I decided to try to make use of the containers instead of just tossing them. This is what I came up with…

We have a huge box that we keep in the kitchen crammed full of medicine. I hate it for two reasons:

  1. It’s too big to fit into the cabinet and have the door close behind it
  2. You can never find anything in it so a lot expires or gets bought, again.

As we use up more containers I’ll be making a cold and cough box and a first aid box. If this works out like I hope, it’ll save us money and stop waste.

The label was super easy to do and i didn’t have to buy anything to create it. I simply printed out what I wanted and covered the letters with box tape. I mashed it down really well over the letters(actually rubbed it down with a spoon), cut it out, soaked it in water, and rubbed off the white paper. It leaves the letters stuck to the tape. After you let it dry, it’ll become sticky again and you can place it on whatever you need.


Popping in really fast to apologize for disappearing. It has been a rough couple of weeks. I hated stepping away from daily posting, but it was a necessary. When I first stopped posting, I had some health issues pop up that forced us to switch our 11 month old exclusively breastfed baby to formula.

This. Did. Not. Go. Well.

It took days, and SUGAR, to get her to start taking a bottle of formula. And just when it seemed like we wouldn’t have to admit her for dehydration, I got slammed with flu type a for the first time in my 34 years.

If you haven’t had the flu, let me just say, it’s as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

So far, it has got me, my four year old, and my fourteen year old. In a desperate attempt to keep the baby from getting it, I moved all three of us upstairs. My poor husband took over caring for the baby, who was still adjusting to a bottle, as well as feeding and water all of us.

So, even though I’m feeling better with only lingering symptoms and fatigue, I’ll probably still take a few days to get back to blogging.

Day 29 of 2019

Ugh, the twenty-ninth day of 2019 has been a huge flop. My Wal-Mart pick up order turned out to be a disaster. If you saw my previous post, I deleted it because it was just all wrong. My house is a wreck and I’ve lost motivation. My pantry style week feels like it’s ruined. And, to top it all off, I forgot to take a picture of dinner.

Ok, so, Wal-Mart first…

I’m a huge fan of Kroger clicklist, but I only use it when they have coupons to waive the pick up fee. Now that our local Wal-Mart is offering pick up as well, I thought I would give it a shot. I threw in a couple items that I had coupons for.

No big deal, right?


Wal-Mart does NOT accept coupons with the grocery pick up. I repeat. They do not accept coupons with their grocery pick up.

I only missed out on $4 and I was going to just let it go, but they don’t give you a printed receipt. This causes me to miss out on my Ibotta rebates, which means I loose another $4. With my tight budget, I’m not really too happy with an $8 loss, especially on items I didn’t even really need.

Besides, this would kind of mess up my no spend challenge!

I’ll be taking these items back to Wal-Mart and returning them. I’ll probably go ahead and repurchase them with my coupons while I’m in store. From now on, I’ll only be doing Wal-Mart pick up if I have items I don’t need coupons on since they have free pick up all the time.

You can sign up for Ibotta HERE and Wal-Mart HERE if you haven’t already. I highly recommend both. Even Wal-Mart despite my bad first experience. That was my fault for assuming I knew how it worked.

The links above are my referral links. If you sign up under them, we bot get a bonus, but don’t let my referral link stop you from saving money! Ibotta is, in my opinion, one of the better rebate apps, and it’s hard to beat Wal-Mart’s free pick up.

I’ll be letting you know my grocery expense so far this week after I get this order settled. Hopefully I can get everything returned and either fix it or forget it. Also, from now on, I will test any deals I try to do before I share. I apologize to anyone who may have seen my other post and possibly gave it a try.


If you’d like to see more videos of mine, you can find my channel HERE.


Now, my house…

Bleh. That’s about all I got to say about cleaning. I wish I was rich. I’d hire someone to clean my house daily.

I. Hate. Cleaning.

I’ve let the main area of my house get out of hand again and I need to get it straight. I think tomorrow I might try to do a cleaning video. I kind of like watching speed cleaning videos myself, so I might as well make my own.

And then, budget meals…

I can’t even complain about my budget dinner tonight. I highly recommend the Korean Ground Beef & Rice recipe I found the other day. I would say my family does as well. I was planning for there to be some left over, even if only enough for one person, but nope. The pan was scraped clean.

Korean Ground Beef & Rice
Ground Beef $1.50
Brown Sugar $.10
Soy Sauce $.20
Sesame Oil ?
Green Onions $.05
Ginger $.20
Garlic $.10
Rice FREE with Kroger Free Friday Coupon!
Canned Peas $.44
Total $2.59!!!

Can you believe that?! I feel like I have to have done something wrong. Can that be right? How the heck is that even possible? I did leave out the sesame seeds, but still. I’m not sure that would have brought the price up much.


And last but not least, Clutter Money y’all!

I managed to get rid of some stuff we don’t need and brought in a whopping $48.60! This brings our Emergency Fund up to $435.29! And as long as things go well, I’ll be adding in my unused $50 stock the pantry/freezer fund at the end of the month along with possibly $20-$40 more from clutter stuff.

Emergency Fund Past Balance – $391.19
+ $48.60 Clutter Money
Emergency Fund Current Balance – $435.29!


End of the Day Thoughts, Plans, & Goals

I for real need to find my motivation. I was feeling so pumped at the beginning of the month and most of the way through. Mostly with the house. I’m still doing pretty good with not spending unnecessary money. Can’t say I haven’t been thinking about it lately though. I even caught myself trying to talk myself into doing a no spend month instead of a year earlier.

I seriously thought to myself that I did great and a month was enough…

I’m going to attempt to do a speed cleaning video tomorrow. I love to watch them so I might as well make them as well.

And since I’m not falling asleep in my chair tonight, I think I’m going to work on finishing up my daughters bedroom furniture while the baby is asleep. It’s about time to get the upstairs under control and her stuff scatter everywhere is the biggest problem. I’ll share pictures later.